Museum takedown

Mastodon?  What Mastodon? Mastodon...scmastodon
 Sometimes going to the museum sucks...and sometimes it's fun.  This time it was fun.  We've been to the Fl History Museum here in Tallahassee a bunch of times.  It's free (well, you're supposed to donate...but I'm cheap and broke), which is awesome and it's not outside, which is also awesome.  My 6 year old was at camp (yay!) so I took the little ones.  Cecilia was really into the scavenger hunt and Samuel just loves to get into shit and run rampant.  My favorite part is the Model T Ford.  It makes me warm inside to remember my great-grandad (born in 1914), who I lived with most of my young life, telling me proudly that that was his first car.  I can imagine him driving it.  Very    The kids get a kick out of the mastodon, probably one of the coolest things in Tallahassee...which is so so sad.  Now it makes me want to go back really soon, but ya'll know the next time it's going to be crying and breaking things and complaining and peeing their pants.
my little catholic girl...she screams "that's Mary!"

Samuel..nothing but trouble

Model T Ford...just like Great-great grandad Willis had

Diorama of Silver Springs....was that a thing???


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