True Grit...and other things

I am watching True Grit, the original, with John Wayne.  Man, this little girl is litigious and annoying.  I can't wait to see the new one.  I should read the book first though.  It's hard to read a book after the movie, movies make it so much easier and then that pretty much spoils the anticipation in the book.

Last night was Suckfest 2011.  I had some "family drama".  Let's leave it at that, for fear that  I will be damned by saying my feelings on a blog...that no one I know reads.  I am just happy that I have my best friends to talk to.  Friendship is highly underrated.  I am so ridiculously lucky to have such awesome people in my life.

Since my move, I have joined 3 Meetup groups; Women of Substance (my nerdy chick book club), the Capital City mom's group and the 20 and 30 something women's group.  They keep me busy and I love that I can get my girl time in. I need some bitches to roll with in Tally.  Yo.  So far I have been to a few book meetups, trivia night at a bar a couple of times, an awesome potluck dinner/game night (YOU HAVE TO PLAY "JUST DANCE" ON Wii) and the mall play area and library storytime with Googs.  I am meeting some quality women here....quality.  It's starting to feel like home.

Googs at the mall Play Place

Now, if we could just get some damn summer up in this beeeeotch.  


  1. that's awesome that you've managed to make some friends so quickly! i guess when you're actively looking & joining, you're more likely to find friends.
    you've got a great vacation coming up really soon! woohoo!

  2. I read your blog and value your friendship too. I hope all is ok with the family drama!

  3. That is great you get out there and do those groups! I need more time like that.


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