The Greatest Love Story...again

a pic of me and Alex is 2007
So I'm watching Regis and Kelly's "The World's Greatest Love Story" week, they basically do a story, every day this week, on a couple they chose that has "The Greatest Love Story".  OK.  You guys know me by now, I am a total sap...along with being a total cynic.  I'm watching these stories crying my eyes out while rolling them at the same time.  It's like, can't they pick a normal couple, one that says "hey, we met at  a bar, got drunk, fucked, and then had a rocky couple of years, until we finally decided, "Hey we can't see ourselves fighting with anyone else, and we think at this point we can't do better"...and now we are married.  Where are those stories?  It always has to be these heart-wrenching, literally unbelievable stories.  It reminds me of my best friends wedding I just went to in Mexico.  Everyone was so into their "love" and how amazing they are and was great...but also a little too much.  No one in perfect.  I like to know the dirt, the really shitty stuff.  That is what makes "The Greatest Love Story".  To deal with anyone's shit, to spend your life with one person, to have a normal relationship with no sob stories or horrible accidents...that is love, just living one boring day to the next, like 99% of the population.


  1. you're such a romantic/cynic/realist. cynically romantic realist?


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