March 4th EW Issue

In the March 4th EW (entertainment weekly) issue they post a "TV Renewal Scorecard"...who's in and who's out.  I'm such a TV head.  I love it.  Here are the good (happy they aren't giving it the boot), bad (don't cancel this one!) and ugly (I am super pissed off and may not watch TV, not really) according to me.

Their Sure Thing category: Good: 30 Rock, Vampire Diaries and Modern Family

Their looking good category: Good: 90210, Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, Hellcats, Parenthood, Parks and Rec

Their 50/50 chance category: Bad: Chuck

Their Danger zone category: Ugly: One Tree Hill and Lie to Me

Their Dead and Buried category: NONE!!!  Hell Yeah.  Alex says I watch crap TV, but so does the rest of America!  Booya.


  1. i totally watch crap tv. cuz what's a week without some bad girls club?

    p.s. my word verification was "rewore" but at first glance, i thought it said rewhore & that seemed so appropriate since i was talking about bad girls club. lol!


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