living it up

master of the honor

first time eating was DELICIOUS

duties of a matron of honor

the gorgeous and peaceful bestie since 3rd grade

arghhhh...walking the plank

their love is, JK, they are beautiful

the cocktail hour with Mariachi band

I was crowned dance floor queen with a glow

Sure, pour mystery tequila "street" drink down my throat

2 for 1 airplane cocktail, thanks Alex for being military :)

hells yeah, all inclusive baby

best friends

yes, those are grasshopper flakes, yes they are yummy

drunk in the elevator

post baby bod, I am proud...I worked hard!

lovers :)


  1. Wow. That looks like an amazing trip as I gaze out at snow and ice. :-) What a fantastic trip/memories to share with your husband and your best friend. I love trips like that. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  2. looks like a great trip! and you look gorgeous!

  3. Love the bridesmaid dress. It's so nice when brides let us be pretty at their weddings. :-)


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