Evolution of a Solitary Road Trip

I drove 4 hours to Orlando on Saturday, by myself.  I don't want a medal, I just thought, while I was driving, that what I listened to, or didn't, would make an interesting blog post.  It's not as fresh in my memory as it was the next day, but I was too lazy to post until now.  There is definitely something to be said about driving a total of 8 hours by yourself.  It's not a big deal when you think about it, but if you think about sitting in your bathroom for 8 hours with a radio (you can add toilet paper to this thought too) it's a lot of time to be "into yourself".  Here it is.

I started off with Sisterhood Everlasting which is totally retarded but I thought it would just kill some time and remind me of my friends at home...but alas...the CD skipped 15 minutes in.  Damn the Leon County Library.

Then came

It was cool, a blast from the past...before my past, but it was getting a little hard to follow the slang so I quit.  I'm a quitter.

I then played a bunch of mixed CD's with mixed emotions.  I had a contemporary gospel CD my mom gave me.  I tried.  It was REALLY bad.  Then I listened to a country/gospel mix I had with some real classic songs like the Johnny Cash video above, old school.  I was crying.  I was thinking "why am I crying...I am ridiculous".  At this point I can't remember what happened, but I was falling asleep toward the end so I had to put on some shitty club music.  It works.
The way home, I just stuck to my regular old mixed CD's.  I did listen to 

I realized most of the songs on this album sound exactly the same.  I enjoyed it, it reminded me of high school and smoking weed and whatever comes with all that teen angst.  
I also spent a couple minutes, here and there, trying to listen to nothing and focus on my thoughts.  That made me want to curl up on the passenger seat and go night night.  

To conclude, I just think it is so interesting what we choose to intake when alone.  I was wishing I had brought my giant black case of CD's from high school.   I was limited to the few that made it to my car in the past couple of years.  I would be interested to see what you guys would do with 8 hours :)


  1. I tried to read On the Road a couple years ago. My thought was it would have been a great blog (if they had those back then), but all at once, it was just too much. I quit halfway through.

    The longest trips I've made alone were first when I moved to south Georgia and drove from New York and then a few years ago I drove back up there from here for a wedding. On the first, I had a portable DVD player and borrowed a bunch of movies I'd never seen from my best friend and "watched" (listened, really) to those. The trip went so fast! The second time, just music and radio. It didn't go quite as fast.


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