Jun 22, 2012

Evolution of a Nap

My 2 year old is killing me.
She is in her room right now screaming that she is stuck in her laundry.  Should I let her out?
Ok I'm back.
Let's see...it's 3pm now, we started before 1pm.
She was in there trying to be a one-man band.  I heard her guitar and keyboard playing simultaneously.
She came out.
She had a poopy diaper.
I changed it and came back out.
Then she was singing happy birthday to each one of the Pooh characters.
She came out.
She had a poopy diaper.
I changed it and came back out.
Then all was quiet until about 30 minutes ago.  I then smelled the Desitin factory through the draft in the doorway.  This can't be good.
I go in.
She has literally taken a brand new tube of Desitin and smeared it all over her legs, hands, arms, pants, shirt, the carpet in various places, her library books and the door.
I am dumbfounded.
I strip her to her diaper and make her lay down in bed while I clean it up.
She is laughing at me.
I do my best to clean it up, the carpet is done for.
I leave again.
Now we are where this post began.  She screams that her fingers are stuck in the laundry.
I go in.
She is naked.  Her diaper is in the laundry basket.
I change her diaper and while I am, she says "sing me a song" I say "what about a song about a little girl who was very bad and pissed off her mommy and ruined the carpet and wouldn't take a nap and is in big trouble...what about that...does that sound like a good song?"
She says "yes".
She is laughing at me.
At this point I am writing this and ignoring her.  I took out all the creams, so the only thing she could be into in there is her wipes, that's easy to clean.  I hear her playing with toys.
...in happier times
I told her that she can stay in there all day.  Fine by me.
...to be continued...

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  1. I hate to break it to you, but she may be done with naps. Some kids (I was one of them) just don't take to naps by age 2.

    Good luck!