The Ex-Files

I think it's pretty cool that when you hear a certain song, it takes you back to a certain place in time.  I don't know how I got a certain song in my head, but it took me right back to hanging out with my ex.  Not a sex-capade, but just a memory.  I wanted to list some songs/bands that remind me of my exes (there are so and a memory.

Ex #1
Middle school, any Celine Dion, being in his room and him giving me a gold "TAKEN" charm he (his mother) bought me.

Ex #2
High School, doing things I shouldn't be doing in the back of a cadillac (not my grandfather' sicko's), listening to some kind of rap I think, possibly Jay Z

Ex #3
Long-time high school boyfriend, smoking things I shouldn't be smoking, surfing, going to concerts, getting coffee, acting stupid, listening to any and all Sublime and Pink Floyd, also his favorite song was Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Ex #4
(is this list too long?)
playing golf for the first time, hiding smoking things I shouldn't smoke from him, going to concerts, listening to Virgot's Merlot and all different types of 90's alternative

Husband #1
(just kidding...husband forever, can't leave him out!)
Missing him being out to sea for 4 months, going to concerts, listening to Alkaline Trio and Interpol, any kind of old school country (he loves his Waylon and Johnny Cash), learning to play the guitar, writing music.

That brings me to now.  Usually when I think of any of these people I play said music in the background.  Music is some seriously powerful stuff.


  1. Agreed. I love this idea for a post! I may steal it from you (giving credit where credit is due, of course)... and nice work incorporating the Music in from your blog title, I remember you posted a while back about that too!




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