This wouldn't be a blog without mentioning the "planking" craze.  WTF.  I can see how it was funny the first time.  I mean, sitting there drunk or stoned with some friends, and one of you is like "wouldn't it be hilarious if you were just lying down on your desk when your co-worker walked in".  I could see it as funny.  The fact that it is a worldwide phenomenon...that just shows you how many people smoke weed in this world.
Serena is a pioneer.  She has started the "shelfing" craze.  I would say "shelving" but that is not accurate.
Here she is in all her glory.

Only do this on the bottom shelf people.  Not on the top of a 20 story building.  Lay off the weed people.


  1. lol cute!

    Kelly @ My Joy Project


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