The End is Near

24. 10 most influential people/things/events in your life

1.  Alex, my husband.  He influences me all day long...everyday...whether I want it or not ;)
2.  Serena, my baby.  I can't get as drunk now, I can't go out whenever I want now...all my decisions are based on her now.
3.  My mom.  She raised me and she is the person I go to if I need anything, especially a couple bucks.
4.  The internet.  How can the internet NOT be one of the top things.  What did we do without it?
5.  My best friends.  All of my friends are great and each one is good for advice on different things.  That's why it's good to have a lot of friends.  I  have a wealth of knowledge, just a phone call away.
6.  TV.  It influences me to watch it.  It calls my name..."Reneeeeeeee...come......see shows.....retard yourself more...."
7.  Music!  I always have music on the brain.  My brain is probably 70% music.  I love all types and listening to certain types according to my mood enhances my feelings, kind of like acid.
8.  Food.  I have to eat food 3 times a day, every day of my life.  I would call that an influence.
9.  My past.  Whether good or bad, right or wrong, my decisions in the past made me who I am and they always pop up whenever I am making new decisions.
10.  NPR.  I listen to NPR a lot to keep in touch with what's going on.


  1. That would be a hard list to create. I think my first few would look like yours too.

  2. Good list...... I have no idea what influences me, pickles for sure, perhaps my dog too... LOL

  3. NPR is also a huge influence on me. I swear half my conversations start with "I head this thing on NPR the other day" ...


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