Finish Line!

25. 10 of your wildest dreams

What?!!!  Number 25???!!!  I made it!  Geez Louise.  This has been very trying on my brain.

Here's the finale of my list. This is a silly one too.  10 wildest dreams?  Silly.  Here we go.

1.  I had a dream once when I was in my late teens, that my mom came home from work, and I was in the garage in the laundry area, and she said where's Tim (a male friend of hers) and I said very matter of factually, "he's on the line" and she was like "what? where?" and I had hung him out to dry on the clothes line.
2.  I have very vivid sexual dreams where I wake up and sometimes I am pretty sure I had an orgasm as I was waking up.  They were more frequent when I was pregnant.  I am usually having sex with a person (obviously), but it's like not  someone I can make out, it's just a body.
3.  I would like to be a successful songwriter, not a singer, I just want to write the songs and get money for them.  That is a wild dream.
4.  I want to be rich! I want money, lot's and lot's of money, I want the pie in the sky, I want my cake wanna eat it too.
5.  I have crazy dreams about work (I work for a cosmetic surgeon), and usually before we have a busy surgery day, I have all kinds of fucked up dreams about surgeries gone horribly wrong and weird surgical shit.
6.  I had a dream at the end of my pregnancy that the baby (Serena) was trying to come out through my belly and it didn't hurt but I could feel her legs and arms trying to bust out of me and could see her coming out.  It was wacky.
7.  When I am watching the Mentalist, I dream that Simon Baker is doing naughty things to me.  The same goes for Charlie Hunnam on Sons of Anarchy.  (I hope Alex isn't reading this).
8.  I dream sometimes about deceased relatives.   We are hanging out and talking.   It's always realistic and I always feel so awesome afterward because it's like we were really chillin' together.
9.  Now I am running out of dreams.  Let's see.  I dream for world peace.
10.  I also like the song Dream a llittle dream for me.


Do not drink week old cheap wine and then eat Burger King for Breakfast.


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