A Few of my Favorite Things

I am following the lead of my friend over at Reckless Bliss Blog and listing a few of my favorite things...for fall.  Here goes:

1. Thanksgiving Crafts  I love crafting during the holiday season.  Now that I have Goo Goo, I can't wait for her to be of age to craft and not eat the supplies.  I made an awesome wreath this past weekend.  I got a plain wreath like this one:

and I added cute football ribbon to it, brown polka dot ribbon, some fall foliage with pumpkins and some cute glittery pumpkin stickers.  I will have to take a photo of it and post it later.

2.  I love FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3.  The fall line-up of TV.  I am such a boob tube lover.  I hate the summer because the TV shows suck.

4.  Shopping for xmas gifts.  I always say I am too broke but I still spend too much.  I have 26 people on my list.  Geez.  I may be the only person in the world who likes the holiday shopping crowd.  The more people the better.  Feels like Christmas!

5.  Carving pumpkins.  They are messy and it's hard as hell on your hands and those little tools they give you always break in 5 seconds...but it's fun!


  1. Great post, I'm so glad I could inspire you to make your own list! I love the Fall line up of shows too, it's exciting when all your favorite shows come back again. Fall is awesome :)

    Stop by RB again any time!



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