First Birthdays and a Mexican Bridal Shower

This past weekend I went to my cousin's twins first birthday party.  I also went to my best friend's co-ed mexican themed bridal shower (we are going to her wedding in Mexico in January).  Here are just a few of the 100 pics I took in a nifty little slideshow.  I remember before having S, that everyone was like "you're not going to be able to be going all over the place, partying and traveling once you have the baby"  I'LL SHOW THEM!

Some highlights of my weekend:
*Spending time with family and friends!
*Seeing the twins...they are getting big.
*Going to Gemini Springs, never even heard of it, but's it's a great park
*Drinking a ton on Coronita's (small Corona's...I don't get it)
*Following that up with a Margarita
*Playing my awesome games...The Newlywed game (drunken version) and a timed collage game
*Serena partying it up, not being fussy and going with the flow
*The vegan cupcakes (no, I am NOT vegan and yes they were f'ing delicious) from Raphsodic Bakery in Orlando
*Sunday I scrapbooked some of Serena's birth cards and my bro came over and chilled for a bit


  1. nice video! you had some great shots in there.
    and it looks like you're showing them with your traveling. i hope baby S keeps behaving so you can keep having fun!

  2. Looks like a fun weekend, great pics too!


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