Oct 5, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the wall...

...who is the most BADASS BITCH of them all?  Me you say?  Awwwwwww snap.

22. 10 things that you love about yourself

1.  That I try not to take myself seriously.  I think I can take it, just as I dish it.
2.  I love that I have lots of friends and that I try to be there for them.
3.  I love that I am now a mommy. 
4.  I love that I have a budding family and that I consciously try to be a good wife and mom every day.
5.  I love that I got back to my pre-baby weight at 6 months postpartum.
6.  I am bad at telling jokes, but people always say I am funny.
7.  I eat whatever I want, when I want it.
8.  I can write songs; they may not be good but I can still write a song.
9.  I love my feet.  They are pretty awesome.
10. I am competitive.  I like always wanting to be the winner.  If you ain't first your last!!!


  1. RE: pre-baby weight: wow, you're my hero! Maybe I'll make it before next month, too!

  2. oh and btw, you should add my button!!! thx :)

  3. Bitch! I love my feet too!!!! The fuck? We're fucking awesome!

    I am like the most competitive bitch ever! People always say it's a bad thing... (They lose!!!)