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21. 10 favorite games
I feel like this 25 day list challenge is a game, like monopoly, long as fuck and no end.

1.  The game of love.  Isn't it everyone's favorite game?  Don't love it.
2.  Rock Band.  Greatest game ever for someone like me.  If you think you are badass and the world loves your virtual musical abilities...then this game is for you!
3.  Stratego.  It's an old war game.  That was my favorite board game as a kid.  At least it's not Dungeons and Dragons.  That is super geeky.
4.  Hide the salami.  No explanation needed.
5.  I feel so dorky admitting this, but Alex and I (and Serena) love the American Idol game.  The songs are getting a little old now though.  Simon loves me.  I have only been beaten twice.
6.  Peekaboo!  With Goo Goo!  She is just now starting to think it's funny.  I love her smile.
7.  Texas Hold Em'.  Poker.  It's fun and I suck at it, but I love it.
8.  Golf.  I never play because I am broke and it's hot as shit in the summer.  I need a job where I schmooze with people on the golf course all day.
9.  Where's the keys?  Or the remote? Or the lid for the bottle?  Not games I enjoy, but games my cats enjoy making me play.
10.  Drinking games.  Any game that makes you super drunk in a ridiculous and inappropriate amount of time is a game I like.  Well, until I get that drunk, then I hate said game.

GAME OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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