Pumpkins, Ponies and Rides...OH MY!

I could not have asked for a better weekend.  I knew going into it, that it would be super busy and I was worried it might be too much in one weekend, but it was a blast.  I am such an awesome planner (patting my own back).  Saturday we woke up early and went about 45 minutes away to east Orlando to a Pumpkin and Pony festival.  Serena had her inevitable pumpkin patch photo shoot (see slideshow below) and saw horses and ponies for the first time.  Ponies are a little creepy.  You can't trust a miniature horse.  Goo Goo got to see her little boyfriend Zizo (her kissing friend) too.  Then we went to my brothers for a surprise visit, then Gammy's (my grandma's) and then stopped by my mom's work to say hi.  Later on Saturday we went to Fall Festival at St. Mary Magdalen church and Goo Goo rode 3 rides!  Her first ride was the merry go round with me.  I had to steal that "first" from Daddy.  Then she rode 2 more rides.  She wanted to ride the big girl rides so bad but she was too small.  My little daredevil.  Then Sunday we went to the Mt. Dora Craft Fair (huge event).  We ended the weekend with the Bucs winning their game and a visit to my best friend Andrea and to my mom and grandma's house.  It was crazy busy but we had a blast!  Here is a slideshow.


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