04. Top 10 Favorite movies of all time

I like this one!  I love movies.  I actually took took film classes when I went to UCF.  I wanted to become a screenwriter, but then I realized I would never make any money at it, so I quit.  There were all of these kids that wanted to be screenwriters that had no talent for writing (not that I know writing talent), and it was sad because they were spending all this money on a film degree that was probably going to be worthless.  That's not very positive, but it's true.  I guess I could have seen it through, but I was tired of spending the money on something I wasn't sure of. So here are ten movies I love.

1.  Billy Madison.  Adam Sandler was so popular when I was in my teenage impressionable years and so most of my favorite comedies are his.  I love the premise of an adult having to go back to school.  I pretty much know every line of the movie from start to finish, voices and all.
2.  Beauty and the Beast.  It's my favorite Disney movie.  Belle was so much cooler than Cinderella.  I loved that she was a bookworm like me.  I also can relate to douche bag guys like Gaston.   Beast is very sexy and sweet.
3.  Shawshank Redemption.  This is not really my third favorite movie of all time, but every time it is on, I always get sucked in.  It is just so engaging and everytime the warden lifts that poster and finds the escape hole, I get so giddy.  It is the quintessential "Boo Ya" movie.  It gets me every time.
4.  Superbad.  This movie is so hysterically funny to me.  I just love geeky kids.  When I was in high school I was a a cheerleader/lacrosse player/stoner etc. and I was always friends with everyone.  I loved my dork friends. Jonah Hill and Michael Cera are so real and funny and I can really relate to them.  Judd Apatow is a genius.  I love all of his films including Funny People which is new and strange and different.
5.  Pineapple Express.  The best stoner movie ever made.  I know my stoner friends would kill me for saying that probably, but for me, the whole time I watched it I laughed so hard and wanted to smoke weed so bad.  This movie introduced me to the awesomeness of  Danny McBride.  I really think James Franco's acting is highly underrated.  This is a must see if you have ever smoked.
6.  Clueless.  Who doesn't love this movie? Paul Rudd was so dreamy.  I was 14 when this came out.  Alicia Silverstone was a goddess.  I lived this movie.  It's not so much that it is a great film, it's just that when I watch it, it reminds me of my youth in a good way.
7.  Role Models.  Another Paul Rudd movie.  Not that many people have seen it.  It's a great premise with hilarious dialogue between kids and adults.  It's one of my new favorite comedies.  
8.  Days of Thunder.  I love old Tom Cruise movies.  He was so gorgeous and cool.  Obviously Top Gun is a favorite too, but Days of Thunder is where it's at.  I love sports movies, and this is one of the best.  It also reminds me of childhood, mostly Saturday afternoon movies.  It was always playing.
9.  Double Jeopardy.  Another movie that when it comes on, I have to watch it.  It's another of my favorite suspense/ "Boo Ya" movies.  The ending is priceless.  Who doesn't love a woman scorned that gets her revenge on a true asshole.  
10.  Can't Buy Me Love.  It's a stupid 80's teen movie, but I wanted to BE Cindy Mancini (Amanda Peterson).  She was the coolest, hottest cheerleader ever.  I really wanted her car, a white Cabriolet.  I love the "geek to sheik" storyline.


  1. You are so funny! Go Renee! Don't stop doing anything you do..well..mmmm...haha Anyway, I like the movies you have suggested to me in the past so am looking forward to some of these.


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