A New Record! Thoughts on Food.

2 posts in one day!  I just thought of something I wanted to write about before I forgot to.  I was just feeling self-starved (trying to get in shape before Chrissy's wedding in Mexico in January) and thought about the idea of quality over quantity.  I was day-dreaming about expensive and decadent food, since that's what I do when I am hungry, and I thought about trying to eat small amounts of expensive foods instead of large amounts of cheap food.  Have you ever thought of this?  For instance, a couple of raspberries, a slice of Ahi Tuna and a few chantrelle mushrooms INSTEAD of a McDonald's #2 meal super-sized.  It's so American to get the cheapest and fattest food possible.  Don't act like you don't think Americans are fat.  It's been proven.  Anyway, that would be one way to lose weight.  I am broke, therefore I would not be able to afford extravagant goods, so I definitely would lose my last 5 lbs of baby weight.  Also, I need to stop buying lot's of cheap clothing that falls apart after 1 washing, and buy 1 really nice piece of clothing.  That's REALLY hard to do.   Just and idea I had while peeing and starving.


  1. I try to do that. Then I remember I'm broke. Hahaha.


  2. Regarding food I have pondered that, too. As for clothes, I was just thinking about that the other day. Why waste my money on pieces I can buy lots of only to have them fall apart SO SOON?? Instead I am going to invest in quality...one piece at a time.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)


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