25 Day Lists Challenge

I stole this idea off another blog.  She did the "25 days of music" and "25 days of movies" and then I found this one while searching the web:


Lists Challenge
01. Five most important/memorable childhood memories
02. Ten random facts about yourself
03. Seven secrets
04. Top 10 Favorite movies of all time
05. Top 10 Favorite songs of all time
06. Ten facts about your hometown
07. List the people in your family & a random fact about them
08. Top 10 favorite movie or TV show characters of all time
09. A random list (one can be found on listverse.com or toptenz.net)
10. 10 random things that you remember from school
11. Top 10 Tumblr blogs, according to you
12. Five chores that you love, 5 chores that you hate
13. Top 10 things you look for in a friend
14. Top 10 things you look for in a romantic partner
15. 10 places you want to visit before you die
16. Put your music player on shuffle, list the first 10 songs that come up
17. 5 favorite actors, 5 favorite actresses
18. 10 most important people in your life
19. 10 things that you could not live without
20. 10 favorite websites
21. 10 favorite games
22. 10 things that you love about yourself
23. 5 Favorite Foods, 5 least favorite foods
24. 10 most influential people/things/events in your life
25. 10 of your wildest dreams

Well, having a baby at home and working full time will make it hard to do these is 25 days...I guess that's the challenge, so I am going to be lazy and do it in 50.  Double or nothin'.  I guess it's not really a challenge anymore, but at least it will get me thinking.  No one really knows all of this stuff about anyone, so whoever reads this blog will surely know me well by the end.  Here goes.  
1.  Five most important/memorable childhood memories

So, these are not in order of importance.  I am just going to rattle off the first five things that pop into my head.  The first is the memory of my great-grandmother.  She died when I was 6 years old.  She is one of the only memories I have when I was really young.   I remember her so vividly that sometimes I have these realistic dreams of us just sitting around talking, when I am an adult.  They are awesome.  I mostly remember her making egg salad and me standing by her asking her for a sandwich, and then she says "Oh no, I didn't make you any", but of course she did.  I remember her giving me rides on her lap in her wheelchair in the store.  She had lost her leg due to diabetes.  I also remember her throwing her shoe at us to get us to listen to her (she was a big German woman).   Mostly I remember one day when she fell in the kitchen after getting up from the dining room table to go get butter.  The whole experience of her falling, the ambulances etc., was very traumatic.  I also remember when she was dying in the hospital and they would not let me see her because I was too small.

The second memory I have is of my grandfather (not biological) Lou Lou who died when I was about 14.  He was bed ridden and when I was little my mom (she was divorced from my father and would still take us to see her in-laws) would take us to my grandma's about an hour away, and we would visit.  We always brought him Crown Royal.  We (my brother and I) would sit next to his bed and he would just chat with us about life and stuff.  I think my other cousins were scared of him or didn't bother to spend time with him, but I loved him so much.  He was so interesting and loving.

The third memory I have is a happier memory (am I bringing you down yet?).  I remember being in my yard, we had about an acre, sitting in trees or by the lake or on my tree swing, making up songs.  I was always singing.  I only ever sang by myself.  I would sit there and make up songs.  

My fourth memory that comes to mind is my mother.  She was/is a young mom, she had me when she was 20.  She was always so beautiful and fun.  I remember her clothes were so cool and she would be getting ready to go out and I would watch her get dressed and pick out her shoes and jewelry.  She had such great taste.  I wanted to grow up and fit in her heels and borrow her jewelry.   She is a cosmetologist and she had these great friends that she would party with, when she had the time, and they were always so fun and cool.  I wanted to be just like her.  She can still light up a room.

My fifth memory that comes to mind is my uncle Ted.  He is 10 years older than me and was always so cool.  He used to take me places to help him get girls or impress his girlfriends.  I remember him teaching me how to do cartwheels.  I remember one time we put hot peppers on my brothers sandwich because my brother said he hated them.  He ate the whole sandwich and I just giggled so much.  When he was done my uncle said "how did you like it" and he said he loved it.  He was so embarrassed when we told him there were peppers on it.  My uncle Ted was the best.  He was good looking and popular and I wanted to be just like him.  I always loved all the attention I got from him.  I also remember he always threw me so high in the pool.  That's the best.


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