3.  Seven Secrets. (day 3 of the writing challenge)

Seven secrets?  I don't have seven secrets.  Let's see what I can come up with.  If I tell seven supposed secrets, then they will not be secrets anymore.  Plus, I don't even have that many, so now I will have none.  I am being dramatic.  Here goes.
1.  I drink alone
2.  I masturbate
3.  I use my office's stamps for personal use
4.  I drank on the job before
5.  I know someone who is pregnant and not telling people
6.  I eat my husbands food and say it is good when it is sometimes not so good.
7.  I stalk people on facebook

There. That wasn't so bad.  Don't judge. If these are all considered secrets then I guess I have plenty.


  1. This challenge is probably the hardest one! Go you! :)

    Hazel xxx


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