Family Tree

Continuing my 25 day list challenge:

07. List the people in your family & a random fact about them.

I guess to make it more interesting I should extend the family list, it would be a boring blog post if I only had Alex and Serena on here.  

Alex-my husband- he was a junior tennis champ when he was a kid ( at least that is what he told me once, maybe to impress me)
Serena-my 5 1/2 month old- She has a birthmark on her lower back (hey, she doesn't have that many facts yet!)
Marta- my mom- She likes to Karaoke. She's in what I call "the circuit"
Roy- my brother- he is really into biking (harley style) and has leathers and a motorcycle jacket with patches and a hot girlfriend on the back (is that more than one fact?)
Roy- my dad- he lives in Lebanon TN (not very interesting)  He has a garden where he makes his own salsa from (is that better?)
...should I go on?
Martha-maternal grandma- her and my grandfather (now deceased) were WAY too sexually explicit.  (She always talked about how sexy his ass was, and they made out a lot).
Edward-maternal grandfather (deceased 3/15/10)- He was an awesome craftsman and artist (they just don't make them like him anymore)
Mary-paternal grandmother- She had never seen a penis until her wedding night (she told me that).

I think that is enough of my family tree. I should have changed the topic to "some boring and explicit facts about my family" We are pretty awesome.


  1. haha. I can't think of anything more disturbing than sexually exlpicit grandparents. Sounds like you have a great family.


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