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06. Ten facts about your hometown

Number 6 on my 25 day challenge...10 facts about my hometown.  This is a very boring topic.  I don't know 10 facts about my hometown, so here are 10 things I looked up about my hometown (Apopka, FL).

1.  Our Masonic lodge is the oldest lodge room in continuous use in the State of Florida. Pretty badass.
2.  It is the indoor foliage capital of the WORLD.  I actually knew that already

3.  Before Apopka was "The Indoor Foliage Capital of the World" or even before it was "The Fern City," it was The Lodge.  The Lodge is also a bar in downtown Orlando that I have been very wasted at several times.  Once I kept grabbing my husband's friends groin area while dancing on him.  I felt bad the next day, but no one cared.

4.  Early in the 19th century, Indians again inhabited the area. There was a Seminole village on Lake Apopka, or Ahapopka, as they spelled and pronounced it. It remained an active village until the outbreak of the Second Seminole War in the mid 1830s. Coacoochee (Wild Cat), one of the most famous and influential War Chiefs, was born here and ruled as Chief of about 200 Indians until this village was evacuated and the natives sought refuge in the swampy areas around the St Johns. I have nothing to say about this one.

5.  Mayor John H. Land  is the Longest Serving Mayor in the State of Florida.  Boo Ya.  Congratulations Mayor.  I think this means he is old.

6.  I am running out of facts so here is a map of Apopka.  (This is a factual map).

7.  Apopka is the home of the world's worst HOA (home owners association).  This is not a "proven" fact, but my husband and I believe it is fact.  Our HOA is full of old, racist, elitist, money grubbing bastards and bastardettes. They suck and we can't wait to move.

8.  Apopka. Akpopa.  It's ALMOST a palindrome.  

9.  Here's one I just found that is pretty cool.  Apopka is an Indian word for “Potato eating place”.  That must be true because I eat potatoes at my house in Apopka.

10. ( Wikipedia Apopka)

Notable residents

So I guess Apopka sounds pretty awesome.  I had no idea how cool my city is.  


  1. Thank you for stopping by today. I love when new people visit! And let's face it..anytime you can fit "motherhood" and "beer" into the same title...I am interested! I hope to see you again.


  2. Your hometown sounds interesting to me. I have a church mate who moved to Florida recently. She's getting married there. I have never been out of the country that's why i find it interesting reading things about other places. :)


  3. cool..and interesting if not also educational...


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