on to the Music and Beer

If you are following my blog (all 3 of you), then you may be wondering "when does the music and beer kick in?".  I mean, I JUST had a baby 5 months ago, so this blog will mostly be about her.  I was also sober for a year before that (9 months of pregnancy and 3 of breast-feeding/hell).  Here is my first "music and beer" post. Thanks to my friends Andrea and Colin, I had a babysitter Saturday night.  Also, thanks to Laura from 98.9 WMMO for VIP tickets to see the Downtown Concert Series "Tears for Fears".  It was also a birthday celebration for my good friend Stephanie.  This one is like a photo/blog post.  Here goes:
This is me, Stephanie (birthday girl) and Elise from WMMO (radio personality).  Stephanie and I always get hammered together.  She is my go to girl for drunken debauchery.  Elise is a hottie and a sweetie and super fun too.  The 3 of us could get into some serious trouble...fo sho.  This was early on in the night.  I actually had had about a half a bottle of wine at this point.  Do I look like it?  Hey, don't judge. This was my night out and my husband is sober, so he drove me home safely.

This is me and the hubby.  As you can see I have added beer into the mix.  There were a couple of bands that opened up for "Tears for Fears", they played cover songs.  I was focusing (trying to focus) on socializing instead of the bands, so I can't really talk about them.  I spent the whole ride home apologizing to Alex for being so drunk and then I apologized for apologizing.  DRUNK ASS.

Here I am.  It is dark at this point.  I must have been super hammered.  I am posing.
Orlando.  O-town.  The city beautiful.  This picture is focused about the same amount my eyes were.
Last but not least, "Tears for Fears".  From what I remember, they were awesome.  They sing great songs from the 80's that you definitely know, but maybe don't know who sings them.  The crowd was HUGE!  I have been  to other DCS (downtown concert series) but this was the most packed.
After I got home, I ate everything in my house and of course S was still awake and tormenting Andrea and Colin.  She knew right away when she saw us, that she was not supposed to be up and she had a devilish grin and giggle.  They may never babysit again.  It was a good concert, and I felt like my pre-baby self for a short while.  Not that that's better, but it sure is great to have some "adult" fun for a night.  FIST PUMP!


  1. Hi, new to your blog!

    This was a great post! I remember the first time I had a drink after having my son. Wow! lol And, 4 years later, I'm still a lightweight and can't get back to being the little lush I once was. Although, I have to say, I'm not trying. haha

    Great blog name... it's what drew me in!

  2. Thanks for that! We will never be as we once were! But that's probably a good thing!

  3. I have no children but I know from my sister and friends how important it is to get that first outting with friends and have a good time. You will be a mother for life and thats wonderful but remembering that you are young and vibrant and can still hang is a good thing too. :-)


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