Day 2 of 25 Day Challenge

02. Ten random facts about yourself
These things are never really random.  
1.  Fact. I just ate a Kashi frozen meal and wished it was a double quarter pounder with cheese
2.  Fact. I need to workout.
3.  Fact. I love my husband so much more everyday and wonder how that is possible.
4.  Fact. I miss being a teenager.
5.  Fact. I think vegetarianism is retarded.
6.  Fact. I wish I had read more classic literature so I could sound smarter when people discuss literature.
7.  Fact. I feel bad for not putting the effort into visiting family that I do with visiting friends.
8.  Fact. I think I have lost all musical ability and creativity since having a baby.  And I hate that.
9.  Fact. If I were rich, I wouldn't be for very long because I am an impulsive spender and I fight the urge to shop because I am broke.
10. Fact. I think Band of Horses and Interpol are highly underrated and may be 2 of the best bands ever.


  1. I watched a local play a few days ago and i was surrounded my university students who were all talking in a huddle behind my chair in the interval. They kept talking about all the books they're reading.

    "I'm reading Casanova at the minute and finding it delightfully creepy, what with him having affairs with nuns" yadda yadda yadda lol

    I wish i was smarter too because I'm sure it's wrong that my interest only perked up when she mentioned the affairs lol!

    Hazel xxx


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